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and movement a new focus after dismantling many of the encampments over the past several weeks. >>> texas -- in texas a shooting aboard an amtrak train andate a dallas union station involvesplain clothes narcotics officer and a suspect. it happened aboard the texas eagle waiting to depart for chicago. the officer and bystander are expect to be okay. >>> an elderly woman says she was strip searched at jfx airport. she is one of thee women who complained about the screening processs at the airport. she says agents took her to a private area and checked a bulge in the colostomy bag and says the experience left her shaking and filling degrated. >> it's a sweatshirt on just sweat pants and i moved around and looked at my bag and the other woman was watching it. and i said donned touch it you have dirty hand don't come near me. and that's how it went out. >> the tsa says the incident involving is under review. >>> here's one brave store clerk. he sways cleaning the shop what man armed with a knife yell at him and began to demand cash e stood up and punched the accused robber twice. the clerk go
the blaze but not before the house of worship was totally destroyed. >>> a would weather front in texas produced the first snowfall as well as treacherous driving conditions in some past of the states. it caused several roleovers an smashups. the weather conditions led to several school shutdowns and power outages. cold weather isn't stopping the flow of traffic to one texas woman's home. judy klein has collected nearly 3,000 nativity scenes over a decade. tourists have even stopped by to get a peek at the holiday-themed souvenirs from all over the world. her collection is so vast, her husband had to build a separate house for them. >>> right or wrong, nebraska pet owners are adding color to their holiday celebrations. >> it's wrong. >> no, that's right. you're looking at it. these dogs have been taken to a spat that specializes in full body coloring of animals with pet-safe dyes or the lesser extensive stencils. that poor little guy. bill has your national weather. >> you said right or wrong. >> and you say wrong. >> we don't need polling for that. if the owners would do it themselves
and another piece of energy to the south. cold air all the way into texas. and the ingredients coming together for the first snow of the season. we will talk about that in a moment. but we will go 60s today and periods of rain heavier this afternoon and tonight. 5:10. here's angela with traffic. >> reporter: you are getting more information on this pretty serious accident this morning. heading in from bowie or crofton on route 3 crane highway traffic is stopped temporarily. they have all lanes blocked as they try to clear the tractor trailer incident near 450. so use extra caution and plan for delays if you need to travel in that area. no planning for delays on the west side of 695 as we look live at maryland 144 frederick road. also traveling southbound 95 just north of maryland 100 your southbound lanes crowded up as you head towards the capital beltway. charley. >>> 5:10. in health news renewed controversy over the morning after pill. plan b could be available on store shelves for anyone to purchase. right now it's available over the counter if you have proof that you are at least 17. food
to create and construct that pipeline. and 100,000 new jobs within the areas of texas and louisiana as it relates to the processing of that oil. last time i looked, canada was a friend. we buy oil from countries that hate us. and here we turn our back. and you know what canada said. china is ready to step in and help them out. is that really what we want or do we want to bring jobs to america? mr. speaker, with all that's been said, we're to the point where we need to talk about regulations and that's what this bill does. it allows seven amendments that are germane to come to the floor, three republicans and five democratic amendments. and, mr. speaker, i'm happy to yield back the balance of my time and move the previous question on the resolution. the speaker pro tempore: the question is on ordering the previous question on the resolution. those in favor say aye. those opposed, no. in the opinion of the chair, the ayes have it. ms. slaughter: mr. speaker, on that i request the yeas and nays. the speaker pro tempore: the yeas and nays are requested. all those in favor of taking this
be fall but parts of texas are look like a winter wonderland. look at the pictures from midland. about 2 1/2 inchesch snow have fallen-- inches of know have fall enand more is expected today -- fallen and more is expected todayched conditions are perpocket for snowball making. -- today. conditions are perfect for snowball making. >> a winter storm warning and storm across new mexico turning that state into a sheet of ice. that's making it tough for drivers to get around. these image out of albuquerque. people who live there say it's been a while since they have seen weather like this and until temperatures warm up the dangers on the road likely to not go away. >>> nasa makes an out of the world discovery a pays agency is located -- a space agency located a planet called a habitable zone. water can exist making life possible. the agency says planets nearly 2 1/2 times the size of earth and 600 light-years away. >>> you know it seems like bizarre world. texas and new mexico snow flooding in memphis and we have mild rain and no cold temperatures and there's a history. december 5th we get snow
the former house speaker a huge lead in iowa. he has a 15 point lead over mitt romney and texas congressman ron paul and a 22 point lead over texas governor rick perry. but new caucus goers say they could change their minds. >>> 58 degrees outside. >> still ahead even slower snail mail. the controversial cuts and what they could mean for your next trip to the post office. >> putting a holiday decoration policy to the test. the controversial displayed that outraged a community. >> from nearly 60 degrees to snowflakes. [ baby coughing ] [ coughing continues ] [ female announcer ] more pollution from power plants means more childhood asthma attacks. [ labored breathing ] there's technology that makes the air cleaner but too many plants don't use it. we c can't wait. epa must update power plant standards to protect our kids. [ baby coughing ] >>> i am with the salvation army reminding you to give of yourself this holiday season. donate, volunteer, and make a difference. >> good morning, washington. >>> tuesday morning, 11. some areas of light rain northwest of the
. mitt romney and ron paul in a distant second place. texas governor, former front-runner rick perry, seven points behind them. 43% believe gingrich has best experience compared to gop rivals. 29% say he can beat president obama. >>> trying to build on that momentum, gingrich here in the big apple for a closed door meeting with donald trump. with more about this unlikely political alliance here is abc's jake tapper with "your voice, your vote." >> reporter: riding a wave of poll numbers and publicity, former house speaker, newt gingrich visited donald trump in manhattan where he continued to talk about changing the culture of poverty by putting poor children to work. >> i suggested to donald trump that he adopt a program of apprentices and take one of the poorest schools in new york city and create ten apprenticeships paid for part-time work. and he liked the idea a lot. he understood what i was getting at. >> reporter: some republicans disparage the role played by trump, a reality star and real estate mogul. saying he fosters a circus-like atmosphere. not newt. >> donald trump is a
the house of worship was totally destroyed. >>> a cold weather front in texas produced the season's first snowfall as well as treacherous driving conditions in several parts of the state. light snow mixed with icy road conditions caused several rollovers and smash-ups. the weather conditions also led to school shutdowns and power outages in western and northern cities. >>> the cold weather isn't stopping the traffic to one texas woman's home. judy has collected nearly 3,000 nativity scenes over a decade. tourists have even stopped by to get a peek at the holiday themed souvenirs she's picked up from all oef the world. her husband had to build a separate house for them. >>> finally, right or wrong, north carolina pet owners are adding some color to their holiday celebrations. they are taking their dogs to a spa that specializes in full-body coloring of animals with pet-safe dyes or the lesser stencil decorations. they say calls for the service have been coming in for the last three months. >>> now for a look at your national and regional weather here's meteorologist bill karins with your w
, kansas, oklahoma, and texas, that's snow. there's very cold air that way. it's going to be arriving here late tomorrow night. not tonight. right now rain scattered across virginia. all of these are west of interstate 95 where they're getting the rain. mountains to beaches in the 50s. mid-50s montgomery, arlington, prince george's county as well as the district. sunrise at 7:12. we'll have occasional showers throughout the day and mild, up into the low and mid-60s this afternoon. a look at the evening planner in ten minutes. >>> right now crews are working to clean up a mess in bowie in prince george's county. a tanker truck carrying gasoline crashed and tipped on route 3 last night between route 50 and 450. the driver is okay, and the crash is under investigation. about 100 gallons of fuel spilled in that crash. that takes time to clean up. let's go to danella sealock. >> right now route 3 remains closed at route 50 northbound. southbound lanes are reopened. northbound still working to get that cleared up. the good news is the tanker is out of the roadway. hopefully, you will have the no
. storm bringing snow to texas panhandle. folks could see up to a foot in the northern rockies. janice dean is in the extreme weather center. it seems like the wild weather is on the move. >> it is, shepard. 48 hours is where that storm is going from the desert southwest all the way through texas and up to the ohio river valley and the tennessee river valley. there is the snow that we saw across the desert of new mexico, also parts of arizona, el paso getting snow right now. let's take a look at parts of texas that got some seasonal snow. their first seasonal snow abilene and lubbock, odessa, am morrill low, schools were delayed thousands without power. that's going to continue because the temperatures are cold enough for snow. take a look, shepard. we are dealing with temperatures like 7 bolder, 20 in albuquerque, 29 in dallas, 26 in kansas city. ahead of that cold front that's where we are seeing warmer than average temperatures in new york city at 52. >> shepard: i will say. it doesn't feel like december. out west the winds are kicking up again in the los angeles area. >> we still h
texas, por que perd o oÍ su mano izquierda y sufriÓ heridas en la cabeza el cerebro w y hombros, tras ser impactada por la hÉlice de un aviÓn, acababa de bajarse despuÉs de dar un para paseo. >>> un festival en varias naciones para honrar la memoria de el nieto de mo homa. >>> con espacio participantes en el ritual se golpean la cabeza mientras cantan y dance a un. hacen este sacrificio para recordar a un mÁrtir de su religiÓn que al igual aquellos sufriÓ en vida. la ceremonia deja una domingo rosa huella y tras flagelos en el pecho y terminan sangrando. >>> el fanÁtico llega a tal punto que hasta niÑos pequeÑos terminan baÑo ademÁs en sangre tras la tortura y alguno nos resisten la cruel fenz y tienen que ser llevados a el hospital. >>> el nieto de mahoma a quiÉn honran muriÓ en medio de una revoluciÓn hace 1400 aÑo s enlugar que ahora territorio iraquÍ. >>> para estar informados, visite twitter y facebook y tambiÉn a ver el reportaje fotos y videos como siempre en la pÁgina de univisiÓ, claro buscando la uniclave "primer impacto." >>> los esperamos. >>> y un
parts of texas. >>> rod blagojevich will soon learn his fate. the former illinois gov. is said to be sentenced today. he was convicted of 17 public corruption charges. stem from an attempt to sell the u.s. senate seat vacated by barack obama. prosecutors are pushing for a 15-20 year prison sentence. >>> some controversial decorations have become part of a heated hearing. someone set up the skeleton dressed in a santa claus suit. the county board of supervisors policy allows all kinds of holiday displays to be placed on the lawn. during the meeting, the woman who put that display up came and took it away. that is the focus of our online poll. the question is, what kind of restrictions should be put on holiday displays on public grounds? we will have the results at 5:00. still to come, the golden girl and her golden years. what is the secret to stay in as young as betty white? anderson cooper found [ female announcer ] more people are using wireless devices... in more ways than ever. and our networks are getting crowded. but if congress frees up more wireless
before january 3. >> thank you very much. next, winter weather brings texas to a halt. >> we are watching our own around here.r ryan will tell us when we could see some snow. have theofficial, i latest. have some serious problems of their own. >>> there were special honors for a maryland state trooper. she has twice come back to work sustaining life- job.tening injuries on the once after being shot by a fugitive. that is a tough job. i was honored to be the emcee today's event. congratulations. >>> new battles brewing between in thepanies involved boy of oil disaster. -- in the gulf oil disaster. >> bp says the contractor deliberately destroyed evidence. they suggest halliburton failed evidence. halliburton denies the allegations. >>> it is going to cost a lot of money to fix union station. the earthquake damage the ceiling of the main hall. look at bat. -- that. there is scaffolding being put together to allow the repair without major disruption to visitors. >> there were places where you able to walk. >> we are told is going to take make all the repairs. youif you ride the megabus, seat
fell in texas. temperatures dropped in new mexico. drivers had to dodge black ice in washington state, some without success and the danger was getting stuck. that's where this guy came in. >> this guy came with a jeep and pulled us out. >> a group of four-wheeled jeep owners volunteered their time rescuing some of the stranded drivers. >>> with the winter weather just around the corner or days away, we are looking for ways to save on our heating bill. we have some tips to help you save money. the better business bureau said make sure the furnace filter is clean, the thermostat is working properly and the pilot light works. you should have the chimney inspected for animal, debris. and check for clutter in glutters. the ridge vents should be cleaned and test the smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors and check for cracking and peeling. >>> wet scenario, always more traffic. a lot of people having a tough time driving in the rain. 62 degrees. we also have the potential for patchy fog, that mist getting thick, visibility seven miles at bwi. you can see it. it's just enough fog and mis
the gentleman from texas, mr. poe, for five minutes. mr. poe: madam speaker, thanksgiving is over and christmas is just around the corner. and all throughout america families will gather to celebrate the traditions and festivities and be together, celebrate faith, but there are some american families that won't have their entire family with them this year. there will be an empty chair at their table. that's because their loved one serves in the united states military in lands throughout the world. war christmas is not new. many warriors are still on call, still on duty serving america. but there is a way to connect with our troops throughout the world and it's a project that we are involved in in southeast texas through the red cross and operation interdependence. and here's how it works, it's a way of having young kids, children, school-age children, connect with troops not only in our war zone but other places in the world where our troops are serving america. and it started several years ago when i had the opportunity to go see our troops in the middle east about this time of the year, and b
and 20 across texas. wet on i-10, from new orleans to tallahassee. and i-40, from nashville to raleigh. rain soaks i-95, from d.c. up to maine. >> and if you're flying, airport delays are possible on the east coast, from boston to atlanta and in new orleans. >>> turning, now, to a pretty horrible story here. a young texas model and magazine editor is facing a long road to recovery after a horrific freak accident. >> she lost her left hand after walking right into a the propeller of a private plane. we get the latest from abc's lucy yang. >> reporter: she loved fashion. she wrote about it and talked about it. even started a magazine about it called "lolo." 21-year-old lauren scruggs is in a hospital. the young fashionista was flying around saturday night looking at christmas lights. what began as a holiday treat ended up costing the young model and fashion editor her left hand. officials believe when the plane landed at a small private airport, scruggs got off and in a bizarre accident, walked into the propeller, which sliced at her like a giant blender. she was rushed to the hospital,
, and all the way up through our region and out to new england. they're getting snow in parts of texas, oklahoma, into missouri and illinois this morning. and the close-up view of the radar showing a batch of light rain across northern virginia, east and west virginia, the district, and much of maryland advancing southwest to northeast. that will be with us here for the next few hours. actually may get a bit of a break in another hour or so. right now it is mild ahead of that cold front that's off to our west. it's in the 50s for the mountains all the way to the atlantic beaches. mid and upper 50s in prince george's, arlington, fairfax, and montgomery counties. sunrise at 7:12. throughout the day, occasional showers. should be mild upper 50s to low 60s through the rest of the daylight hours. overnight tonight, mostly mild with rain on the way. could be snow in the forecast. we'll talk about that coming up. don't look at me like that. >> tom kierein, you said it. >> stay tuned. >> thank you, tom. >>> today is sentencing day for former prince george's county executive jack johnson. johns
another system entering into the pacific northwest, a little return flow. texas and florida could see a few showers but that's about it. on the weather channel weekdays at 6:00 in the morning catch "wake up with al." on my journe, i've learned that when you ask someone in texas if they want "big" savings on car insurance, it's a bit like asking if they want a big hat... ...'scuse me... ...or a big steak... ...or big hair... i think we have our answer. geico. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance. [ male announcer ] only subway has a deal this flat-out delicious -- the $3 flatbread breakfast combo. a toasty flatbread breakfast sandwich and a 16-ounce cup of seattle's best coffee or 21-ounce fountain drink. all for only $3. >>> we are counting down to the holidays with online gift ideas for people hard to buy for in your life. >> every year you try to figure out the perfect gift for the problem person. stop the insanity. shopping expert jen fallick is here. >> is she here after having that baby? >> she did and she is skinny as a rail. >> everybody has t
. >> a sprinkle of snow in arizona. in texas the first snow fell, covering everything. >> i did have to go for a walk. it is so beautiful. >> temperatures plunged in new mexico. forcing the closure of interstate 40. snow shovels of flu off the shelves. >> customers asking us to set aside heaters. >> drivers had to dodge black eyes in washington state. -- black ice in washington state. >> these guys came up with the jepps. -- jeeps. a group of jeep owners of volunteer their time rescuing stranded owners. the wind continues to blow in california. days after the santa ana to ravage the los angeles area, several surrounding communities are still without power. crews of been working to turn down the trees into fire was. -- firewood. >> are you ready? >> not at all. >> we are in the 60's and we have rain coming our way. early this morning, denver was five below zero, 9 inches of snow. patience. outside, it was a whonewet one. -- wet one. our temperature outside now remains 57 degrees. the first inch of snow we had in washington last year, december 16. i do not think it will be played tomorrow ni
's now at the university of texas in austin. andrew wilder is the director of afghanistan and pakistan programs at the united states institute of peace. he has worked in both countries for more than 20 years, running humanitarian organizations and doing research. we thank you both for being with us. andrew wilder, to you first. on today's bombing. these are rare, as we said, have been years since something like this has happened in afghanistan. sectarian violence on shiites. what is the significance that it's happening now? >> as if afghanistan needed a new kind of violence. we haven't seen this kind of sectarian attack in afghanistan. it's quite frequent and common in pakistan to see this kind of attack. but not in afghanistan. that's why it's very unusual. again, a coordinated attack in three cities at the same time. really unfortunate to see this kind of sunni-she a type of violence in afghanistan. the attacks have been mostly directed at official tarring hes, military targets but not sectarian tarring hes like the shia community. >> woodruff: we reported that a pakistani sunni mili
%. romney has 22%. rick perry in there at 9%. joining me is former democratic texas congressman martin frost and msnbc political analyst michelle bernard. nice to see both of you. congressman, this new gallup poll shows that newt gingrich is right now doing so well. what does it mean to you when we look at these numbers with gingrich at 62%, mitt romney at 54%? are these only the two candidates that republicans say would be acceptable nominees? >> well, of course, i was elected, thomas, the same year newt was in 1978. so i've followed his career. he has benefited from the weakness of the field. people like herman cain, michele bachmann, rick perry demonstrated they didn't know very much about national issues. newt's problem is that he will go along on a straight line for a while. then he'll veer off suddenly into space. and that could happen this time. he talked about the ryan plan for the budget being right wing social engineering. he's now talked about changing our child labor law, putting kids to work in schools. newt has some interesting ideas. but he also has very peculiar idea. we'll s
or other four, if you include the congressman who says he is not running again in texas. ron paul, thank you so much. sounded like rick perry for a second. do you think that it's really down to those two now? >> i don't know. because if you interviewed me in august, i would have said newt gingrich is out of it. he resurrected himself. go back to '08. hillary clinton was ahead of obama. anybody is out of it or it is just down to these two gentleman. right now, they are the two ahead of everybody else. >> it's been a roller coaster. we have seen six different candidates at the top of the field this year. so you know, we are getting closer and closer to when voters get to have a say, january 3 in iowa. you wouldn't want to bet your farm on newt gingrich yet. >> does this come from a dissatisfaction? >> there's been some of that and distraction, especially with the person who is sort of considered the front runner. mitt romney has the most endorsements. he has the most money. he has been around the track before. there's clearly a desire among a lot of republican voters to see if there is
sucedido en texas y ha dejado una persona muerta y dos heridos, según la portavoz del sistema del transporte de dallas el incidente se dio a bordo en un tren y uno de los heridos sería un oficial estaba fuera de servicio pero que intervino, por el momento están bajo investigación el motivo de los disparos, el fallecido sería un hombre armado que había provocado la balacera. - en atlanta encontraron el cadáver de una menor hispana desaparecida desde el pasado viernes, el cuerpo de la menor fue encontrado con señas de haber sido golpeada y abusada sexualmente, los restos de la menor estaban en el interior de un contenedor de basura del complejo de apartamentos en que residía, las autoridades no han arrestado a nadie y no han identificado a ningún sospechoso del crimen, aunque este fin de semana estaban investigando a varios ex convictos por crímenes sexuales que residen en la zona. - en medio del escándalo de la operación de "rápido y furioso" sobre armas estadounidenses en méxico ahora hay una nueva denuncia en la que se le acusa a agentes de la dea de lavar dólares
in the european center. medical devices and synthetic biology. facebook did not acquire the texas company but galwala will wind down. >>> thewell, he is out of the presidential rate but the attorney for one of the women making claims is not letting up. what she's calling for him to do now. >>> and a freeze warning in effect for parts of the bay area. accuweather 5 day forecast is next. it's about building cars in america. it's all about jobs. it's all about respect. security. the american dream. [ jamaul ] good jobs in tough times. a chance to move up and do better. [ delaunta ] excellent healthcare. [ caletha ] beautiful benefits. what they used to call the american way. it still works here. [ jennifer ] not a single layoff of a u.s. manufacturing worker. [ glen ] not one. not one. doing things the right way. quality. [ jimmeka ] building cars that americans want. [ jamaul ] right here in america. hyundai is an all-american success story. ♪ so, open your eyes and check out your new living room! [ gasps ] honey, the tv's over there! yep, we got you the new at&t u-verse wireless receiver
in texas as a model got off of a small private plane and walked right into the moving propeller. 23-year-old lauren scruggs. her hand wassasm tated. she has a fractured skull and severe cuts. she had been on a trip over dallas looking at christmas lights on saturday. her parents are by her side right now at a dallas hospital. she has had several emergency surgeries since the weekend accident. we're told she's spotting to her family. >> she's even responding more today. this afternoon. >> she's opening her ice. >> moving around in the bed which, is good. she's uncomfortable and moving, a good thing. >> scruggs is the editor for an online fashion magazine. >>> coming up at the bottom of the hour, a montgomery man is sentenced for putting out a hit on his wife. she recounts the ordeal as her former husband is support to prison. >>> a local county is deciding whether to enforce a controversial curfew, what they decided. >>> and should the morning after pill be put on store shelves? how the fda is igthe thighing -- ignighting this debate. ebat >> merry christmas from the hughes family in germ
these messages. urney across america, i've learned that when you ask someone in texas if they want "big" savings on car insurance, it's a bit like asking if they want a big hat... ...'scuse me... ...or a big steak... ...or big hair... i think we have our answer. geico. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance. are choosing advil. i'm keith baraka and i'm a firefighter. and it's very physically demanding. if i'm sore i not at my best. advil is my go-to. it's my number one pain reliever. [ male announcer ] make the switch. take action. take advil. lugging around a hot water extraction unit can be a rush! that's why i'm carpet for life. but if things get out hand, there's no shame in calling us. ♪call 1-800-steemer. >> bill: impact segment tonight, why is michele bachmann failing to catch on? is it a gender issue? joining us from los angeles, fox news contributor leslie marshall and from fort worth, texas, janine turner radio talk show host in dallas. why do you think michele bachmann has lost so much support in iowa, janine? >> well, i think that rick perry came a
. there is historical data, it generally for the last five years or more, presented in tables and also in texas. and a discussion of your capital program. what are the sfmta needs, especially someone project, and the debt. the official statement is a comprehensive story of the sfmta for investors, but you will note it is focused a little bit more or a little bit heavily on the risks flood. bondholders ask the question, what could go wrong, and if that goes wrong, where would that lead us? and those are questions that we need to address as part of your offering document. the offering document also has information on the bond ratings, assisting in the financing. we will have the financial statements, some general city operations, and it will also describe the undertakings that the sfmta makes to provide ongoing disclosure to the public markets about the sfmta. so many close with the take away, which is what u.s. commissioners should be doing with the preliminary official statement in your packet. first of all, you should review the draft. you should look at it, and if you have concerns about eith
in southern new mexico, roz well. they have palm trees there. they had snow there. northern portions of texas. this whole area of rain, evolving from a low pressure moving through our region, mostly to the west. another is developing across the south. and that's going to pass just to our south. that will bring in more rain tomorrow. however, once it passes our area, colder air will begin to filter in. maybe just enough cold air for a quick changeover for a couple of hours of wet snow, early on thursday morning. i'm talking 3, 4, 5:00 a.m. maybe just before drive time thursday. might see some wet snow on the lawns, north and west of the city. however, north and west of us, i'm talking garrett county, we'll have enough cold air for some accumulations. in fact, the weather service has just issued a little while ago, a winter storm warning for garrett county and some of the neighboring counties. west virginia and allegheny county. and somerset p.a., a winter storm warning watch. how much? across central maryland, a trace to maybe an inch on some lawns. 1 to 3 expected in this area. maybe in the p
into texas. there's one wave of low pressure along the front enhancing the rainfall. most to the west and north. another storm will develop on the tail end of that boundary. that's the one we are waiting for tomorrow. through tomorrow night, and really enhancing it as it passes by early thursday morning. we enhance it later today and tonight and the rain tomorrow that may show some snow tomorrow afternoon in the mountains to the west and maybe southern p.a. it will be overnight and we ink the transition to snow for all of us and it's out of here by daybreak. i expect a slushy dusting to ionch around the bay. bay temperatures low 40s right now annapolis eastern shore and the grass should be white in the morning. around the i-95 stretch maybe northern ann arunde county including -- anne arundel county including bdi and bel air one to three range westminster hereford zone and southern pa2 to 4 slightly higher amounts on the hill tops and go to abc 2 for more details because it could fluctuate it's the first call and the storm will be tomorrow night but ending on thursday morning
in atlanta mane 63 in raleigh. that mild air ahead of storm number one. storm number two in texas. we will watch that one as it will see the cooler air move in. tomorrow showers likely. most of them should be on the light side. is it not a washout tomorrow. mild ahead of the system. but here is the cold front. we will be along the front on wednesday. as the front moves through we will see heavy rain on wednesday and into wednesday night and then the cold air moves anyone and that rain could change to snow. that is the best chance for accumulation and around the i-95 corridor by thursday morning we could be talking about some problems on the roads. however i'm not too worried about accumulation on the roadways for now. but we'll have to wait so see how strong that system is. cloudy and mild tomorrow morning a few showers. 49 to 55 degrees. take the umbrellas with you. they will be need tomorrow. the showers throughout day with the cloud cover. mild weather. 56 to 62. and i might be too cool here. some areas could be in the mid-60s tomorrow. 65, 66 degrees even down to the south. 52 on
out of texas. a young model and fashion blogger severely injured when she accidentally walked into the propeller of a small plane. we'll talk to her parents in just a moment, but first nbc's janet shamlian is joining us this morning from dallas with details on this story. janet, good morning. >> reporter: ann, good morning to you. this is just a horrific accident. a young model gets out of a small plane at night, so it's dark, and unknowingly walks to the front of the plane and right into the path of the propeller which is still spinning. she survives. she's here at parkland hospital this morning in the intensive care unit with some very critical injuries. there is a long road ahead of her now, but her family says she's never been one to turn down a challenge. for lauren scruggs, it started as a pleasure trip, a flight in a small plane to see christmas lights in the dallas area from the air. back on the ground, the 23-year-old had just climbed out of the single-engine two-seater plane when she made what could have easily been a fatal mistake, accidentally walking to the front
, texas, a republican, go ahead. caller: i am ashamed of the republicans. reagan raised taxes 11 times while he was in office. annie gave amnesty to illegal immigrants. by now the republican party is screaming because they want to give a payroll tax to people that are working. why weren't they screaming and saying that this is going to cost money and they cannot afford to do this? when it came to the rich, they said, we can give them a free ride, we can cut their taxes, and never mentioned anything about where that money was coming from. that is why we are in the debt that we're in right now because of they gave all that money to the rich. guest: an important contrasts. around the turn of the 2000's when we saw the president and congress move forward with billionaire task cuts, the cost of two wars, medicare part d., the pharmaceutical situation, all that was promoted as spending with never having to pay for. in his passion -- in this package, there is a pay for. we do it professionally and honorably, and this is the extension for employers and employees, we just heard how the benefits
comes from. what is that? bismarck at 7 below. denver at 13 below. amarillo, texas, at 11 below. those are the windchills. was that a drip >> are we live? we're standing outside. it's off and on showers. not too bad. back inside. lara? >> thank you, sam. >>> here's a look at what we have coming up on our "gma morning menu." inside the challenging world of "teen moms 2." their kids are toddlers. they're here live to tell us how they are dealing with that. >>> she battled blemishes. and gave herself an amazing makeover. her tips changed her life. an now, she wants to help you change yours. she'll give us the secret. >>> tyra banks is revealing her gift guide for the holidays. more coming up here on "good morning america." ♪ express yourself [ female announcer ] the newest seasonal flavors are here. ♪ express yourself ♪ [ female announcer ] because coffee is like the holidays. ♪ oh, do it [ female announcer ] it's better when you add your flavor. coffee-mate. from nestle. we all want fewer chemicals. all free clear oxi-active. a free clear detergent that's tough on stains and gent
snow in parts of illinois to missouri, kansas, oklahoma, and even north texas, where temperatures are down to 7 degrees in amarillo, texas. unbelievable. very cold air there. and it's going to be getting closer to us tomorrow night. and right now, though, we are getting some rain, some scattered light showers across eastern west virginia, parts of northern virginia, loudoun into fauquier, prince william and fairfax counties. farther to the north across the potomac, getting a few sprinkles into montgomery and frederick and howard counties. temperatures are mild. we're in the 50s from the mountains to the atlantic beaches. throughout the day today, occasional showers. sunrise at 7:17. we'll have a mild afternoon, low to mid-60s. more rain tonight. a look at the evening planner in ten minutes. eun and joe? >> thank you. >>> right now crews are making progress cleaning up a tanker truck accident in bowie. the southbound lanes on route 3 just opened. the northbound lanes are still shut down at route 450. news 4's megan mcgrath is live on the scene with details. good morning, megan. >>
train at union station in dallas, texas. the shooting suspect was killed when the officer returned fire. the officer and bystander are expected to recover from their wounds. >>> the sentencing phase begins today for former illinois governor rob blagojevich. most legal experts say he'll get about ten years in prison for corruption charges including attempting to sell president obama's former senate seat. blagojevich is expected to learn his fate as soon as tomorrow. >>> another member of the fourth world is being accused of sexual abuse. two men are accusing the boston red sox's club manager, donald fitzpatrick, of abusing them back in the 1990s. one victim said fitzpatrick assaulted him twice at fenway park. the statue of limitations has expired for seeking criminal charges against fitzpatrick. fitzpatrick died in 2005. both men are still asking for $5 million in settlement. >>> the u.s. postal service is unveiling some big cuts. >> starting next spring, the cash-strapped agency will slow down delivery of first class mail. alison harmelin explains. >> reporter: it is going to take longe
ahead of mitt romney and ron paul, the congressman from texas. two other polls in iowa showing the same thing. let's go to south carolina as well. brand-new numbers out of there. south carolina votes third in the calendar. it's the first southern state. here is a poll and there's newt gingrich again. this poll indicating the front-runner, 15 points ahead of romney with perry at 9%, the x texas governor there. this is among people most like hadly to vote in the south carolina primary. the big thing for gingrich now, take these surging poll numbers and translate it into get out the vote numbers. >> all right. now last hour we talked about nancy pelosi saying she has 1,000 pages of stuff on gingrich. let's explain. >> yeah, this dates back to the late 1990s when gingrich was the house speaker. nancy pelosi, part of the democratic leadership at the time. and there were a bunch of ethics investigations against gingrich, 84 to be exact. what nancy pelosi said yesterday, i know a lot about him. i served on the investigative committee that investigated him. four of us locked in a room in an u
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